Start a Team

Welcome to the PCCSC!

There are many resources to help you start a team and join our conference - please find them below and throughout the PCCSC Site. As you start to consider joining us, please reach out to our conference commissioner and they can begin the process with you.

Here are some basics to help you get started:

  1. Find a faculty or staff advisor. Ideally, this person will be active in the administration and support of the team and can help oversee its operation. They will need to sign forms required by the conference and will also need to sign up as a Directory Administrator for the team members who are required to register with the ICSA.
  2. Write a letter of application on University/College letterhead to the PCCSC Executive Committee with information about the college and its interest in forming a sailing club/team. This letter should be signed by the faculty advisor and any undergraduate officers that may already be in place. The letter should include the number of students interested, the experience of the students and how it is anticipated that the team will be funded (school-funded, student-funded or a combination of the two).
  3. Include a letter on official letterhead from an authorized person at the university who can attest to the fact that a sailing club is recognized by the institution and students are authorized to represent it in intercollegiate competition. Normally, this will be from a staff member in the athletic department, club sports or student recreation office.
  4. The PCCSC Executive Committee will review the letters and then get back to you with next steps on forming your team. In order to compete in a PCCSC regatta, each team must be voted in as a new member by the existing membership; this can happen at the Annual Meeting (in January) or Spring Meeting (in April/May).
  5. PCCSC Teams pay dues in total of $150 per year for Associate Members (new teams), along with a $100 regatta deposit.

If at any time you have questions contact the PCCSC Commissioner or any of the leaders listed here: PCCSC Leadership.

Welcome to the PCCSC and we look forward to seeing you on the water!

Blaine Pedlow

PCCSC Conference Commissioner


After approval at a new team in the PCCSC, new teams must take the following steps:

Have Team Leadership Sign up for the PCCSC Mailing List

Register with the ICSA Database

  • Every individual on the team and the advisor of the team needs to register with the ICSA database. In order to do this, go to:
  • The team’s advisor will have to approve the registration of each individual team member.  Please note, the members of the team need to be registered before the regatta because the scoring program (Tech Score) is directly tied into the ICSA database.

Sign up for an account on Techschore

  • Techscore is the scoring program that scores our regattas and tracks individual participation in each event. It is a requirement that all sailors competing in an event record their participation in the regatta.
  • A team captain and/or advisor needs to register for a Techscore account to track participation or score a regatta if you are the host.
  • Sign up for a Techscore Account here (and save the password!):

Sign up for a Regatta

  • Teams sign up for PCCSC regattas through our live schedule. It can be found on the menu of the PCCSC Website under Racing >> PCCSC Live Schedule.
  • To sign up for a regatta that you would like to attend, indicate your interest by putting a "1" at the intersection of your school name and the event column.
  • Pay careful attention to the Notes portion of the schedule. Many PCCSC regattas are BYOB - Bring Your Own Boat - so you will need to plan accordingly or coordinate with another team to provide a charter boat. For help here, email the host team and the Conference Commissioner.

Create and Purchase Team Uniforms/Pinnies

  • Uniforms or Pinnies are generally lightweight material that gets pulled over a PFD.
  • To designate the college, any combination of the college’s name, nickname, mascot, or other identifying image shall be present on the back of the uniform and, except for an individual’s name or number, shall be the same for all team members competing. ICSA recommends that the image used to designate the college be at least 8” X 8” in size.

Sail Your First Regatta

  • It is best to email the host school directly for information prior to the regatta; often important information is passed along via email prior to the event.
  • Report Time is generally 9:30am on Saturday and Sunday for all PCCSC Regattas, so plan to be at the host site by that time.
  • Bring food and drinks for the day; not all sailing venues have nearby food for purchase, so plan accordingly.
  • Be prepare to go on the water. Most venues in the PCCSC have water temps in the mid-60s or lower. If the air temperature is cool or it is windy, it will be cold on the water. Wear appropriate clothing or wetsuits.
  • For fleet race regattas, teams need to have a minimum of 4 sailors at the event (2 full doublehanded teams of skipper and crew). Teams are allowed to substitute sailors.
  • Substitutions are unrestricted if sailors remain in the same division. Crews are allowed to switch divisions, either from B to A division or A to B division but can only switch divisions once. Skippers cannot switch divisions.