The PCCSC Hall of Fame, housed within the US Sailing Center, Long Beach, was established in 2001 to recognize the competitive achievements of undergraduates whose sailing records made them worthy of the designation “All-Conference”, the success of member schools whose prowess on the water garnered them Conference Championship’s, and the service contributions of individuals whose efforts helped in the establishment, growth, and development of college sailing.

The current PCCSC Hall of Fame has four divisions, the Competitors Division (All-Conference, Sportsman of the Year, and Student Leader of the Year), the Afterguard Division (Outstanding Service by and Graduate), the Regatta Division (Conference Championships, Conference Regattas and Conference Series Standings/Rankings) and the ICSA Division (All ICSA honors and Championships garnered by PCCSC members).

US Sailing Center Long Beach


Competitors Division

Robert M. Allan, Jr. Memorial Award for Student Leadership

Michael Murison Memorial Sportsmanship Award

All-Conference Sailing Team


Afterguard Division

Richard H. Lough Memorial Award


Regatta Division

Fall Season

Frosh Soph Pacific Coast Championship for the Carl H. Reinhart Trophy

Stoney Burke

Women’s Pacific Coast Championship

Coed Pacific Coast Championship

PCCSC Men’s Singlehanded Championship

PCCSC Women’s Singlehanded Championship

PCCSC Match Race Championship for the Richard B. Sweet Trophy


Spring Season

Rose Bowl

Jeff Simon Memorial Regattas (South 1 & 2)

P.J. Wenner Memorial Rainbow Invitational

Bryson Women’s

McIntyre Team Race

Port of Los Angeles Harbor Cup

St. Francis Invitational

North Series Standings for the Bell Trophy

South Series Standings for the Jane Allen Trophy

PCCSC Team Race Championship for the Carter G. Ford Trophy

PCCSC Women’s Championship for the Charley Dole Memorial Trophy

Humphrey Bogart Trophy Women’s Low Point “A” Division

Women’s Low Point “B” Division

PCCSC Coed Championship for the Healy Plaque

Newport Harbor Chamber of Commerce Coed Low Point “A” Division

Nicholas Salvatore Scandone Coed Low Point “B” Division