Start a Team


These are the steps necessary to now be taken by your sailing team to join the PCCSC. One thing that should be a plus for you is that at the end of a first successful year, the first year's dues and fees can be reimbursed by ICSA (with proof from the Graduate Treasurer that all monies have been paid up front).

Here are some basics about getting the ball rolling:

  1. A faculty advisor from the college is required. Hopefully this person will be active in association with the team and oversee its operation. This person would sign forms required by PCCSC for registering competitors in the conference and would need to sign on to be the Directory Administrator for the team members who are also required to be registered with ICSA.
  2. A letter of application (on college letterhead) to the PCCSC Executive Committee with information about the college and its interest in forming a sailing club/team -- to be signed by advisor (and undergraduate officers, if they are in place). This should include how many students are interested, their experience, and how the team would be funded.
  3. A letter on official letterhead from an authorized person at the university who can attest to the fact that a sailing club is recognized by the institution and students are authorized to represent it in intercollegiate competition.
  4. A completed PCCSC Membership Application.
  5. Initial monetary funds ($250) are as follows:
    $100 – Regatta Fee Deposit
    $150 -- Yearly dues as Associate Member
    These are due at the time of acceptance by the general membership. Regatta fees are billed at the end of each season. Interconference Regattas hosted by the conference are $30, Interconference Regattas hosted by other conferences are $50, Fleet Race Conference Championships are $100 and Team Race Conference Championships are $150.
  6. Other obligations will be explained upon successful completion of the above requirements and consideration by the PCCSC Executive Committee.

If at any time you have questions contact the PCCSC Commissioner or any of the leaders listed here: PCCSC Leadership.

Welcome to the PCCSC and we look forward to seeing you on the water!

Danielle Richards
PCCSC Commissioner