Nicholas Scandone Memorial

PCCSC Coed Championship

Low Point B Division

Donated 2010

The Inaugural Nicholas Salvatore Scandone Memorial Trophy is in honor of Nick Scandone who was a former All American from the University of California Irvine. In his collegiate career he won the B Division at the Conference Coed Dinghy Championships 4 times. He then went on to win gold in the Skud fleet at the Paralympic games in 2008. Six months later on January 2, 2009 Scandone lost his battle with ALS. Now the trophy serves as a token to recognize Scandone.

Year Name School Results
2015 Hans Henken '15, Axel Sly '16, & Reinier Eenkema Van Dijk '17 Stanford University R
2014 Antoine Screve '16 & Hans Henken '15 Stanford University R
2013 Mateo Vargas '14 Stanford University R
2012 Oliver Toole '14 Stanford University R
2011 Kevin Laube & Mateo Vargas '14 Stanford University R
2010 Peter Stemler Stanford University
2009 John Cameron Biehl University of California Santa Barbara
2008 Cole Hatton Stanford University
2007 Mike Scott University of Hawaii
2006 Alex Bernal University of Southern California
2005 Harrison Turner & Greg Helias University of Southern California
2004 Frank Tybor University of California Irvine
2003 David Levy University of Southern California
2002 Carlos Roberts University of California Irvine
2001 Brent Harrill University of Hawaii
2000 Daniel Meade University of Southern California
1999 Dalton Bergan University of Southern California
1998 John Alden Meade Stanford University
1997 Danny Zimbaldi University of Hawaii
1994 Dave Houser University of California Berkeley
1993 Morgan Larson University of Hawaii
1991 Rick Rosen Stanford University
1989 Nick Scandone University of California Irvine
1988 Nick Scandone University of California Irvine
1987 Nick Scandone University of California Irvine
1986 Nick Scandone University of California Irvine
1985 Michael Segerblom University of Southern California
1984 Marc Jacobi University of Hawaii
1983 Jay Golison California State University Long Beach
1982 Paul Yost Stanford University
1979 Phil Ramming University of California Los Angeles