Mikey Murison Memorial Sportsmanship

Dedicated January 2005


Michael Murison (1979-2004) passed away in 2004 after battling a rare form of stomach cancer for over a year.  He was the Sailing Captain at the College of Marin and an avid racer.  Mikey owned V-15 #420 and raced it at Treasure Island in the North Americans a few years back and also sailed with Bart Hackworth, Dana Moore, and others on their boats. He started sailing at a very young age and had raced to Hawaii on the Pacific Cup when he was still in high school. For a while he owned a Santana 22 'Mizzen' and was the National Champ three times. While a student at the college of Marin he resurrected their sailing team and competed in the PCIYRA. He was on the US Olympic team sailing 470s in 2002 and had planned to sail with Doug Turnbull in Athens in the summer of 2003. He never had a bad word to say about anyone and was always upbeat.

The Michael Murison Memorial Sportsmanship Award shall be awarded each year to the sailor that best exemplifies the Corinthian ideals of sailing. This sailor has made contributions to college sailing through his/her efforts, not only by competing, but in the promotion of the sport, by fostering sportsmanship among teams, maintaining quality of competition, and contributing to the overall performance of our conference. This includes factors like team leadership, PCCSC leadership, college sailing dedication, interest and support of growth in (college) sailing, etc.

Nominations may be made by Undergraduates or Graduates involved in the Conference.  The recipient shall be the PCCSC nomination for the Robert Hobbs Award for Sportsmanship.

Year Name School Results
1999 Kevin Richards University of California Los Angeles
2000 Daniel Meade University of Southern California
2001 Skip McCormack University of California Santa Cruz
2002 Blaine Pedlow University of California Berkeley
2003 Isaac Gillette University of California Santa Barbara
2004 Lauren Maxam University of California Irvine
2005 Lauren Maxam University of California Irvine
2006 Heather Martinelli University of California San Diego
2006 Brian Haines Stanford University
2007 Melanie Roberts University of Southern California
2007 Emery Wager Stanford University
2008 Becky Mabardy University of Hawaii
2008 Ben-J Amen University of California San Diego
2009 Danielle Richards University of California Irvine
2010 Ryan Wild University of Hawaii
2011 Rex Cameron University of California Irvine
2012 Cody Shevitz University of California Berkeley
2012 Kelsey Rupp University of Southern California
2013 William Larsen University of California Irvine
2014 Anthony "Nino" Helm University of California Santa Barbara
2015 Giacomo Paoletti University of Hawaii
2017 Chuck Eaton Univeristy of Hawaii