Posts from October 2014

Congrats to Stanford's Luke Muller and Kieran Chung for qualifying for 2014 LaserPerformance College Sailing Men's Singlehanded Nationals.
Eight teams compete in 2014 Women's Pacific Coast Championship @ Stanford University
Stanford's Sally Mace and UC Santa Barbara's Simone Staff qualify for the 2014 LaserPerformance College Sailing Women's Singlehanded Nationals!
The UC Santa Barbara Sailing Team wins all divisions at the 2014 Stoney Burke Interconference hosted by UC Berkeley.
Ian Barrows '17, Graham Landy '15, and Marly Isler '16 are the NEISA Sailors of the Week; Erika Reineke '16 and Beth Barnard '15 are the NEISA Women's Sailors of the Week
Graham Landy '15, Charlotte Belling '16, and Katherine Gaumond '15 are the NEISA Coed Sailors of the Week; Erika Reineke is the NEISA Women's Sailor of the Week