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***Klinger and Colwell are the NEISA Women’s Sailors of the Week***

***Baird and Nicolosi are the NEISA Sailors of the Week***

#5 Yale University won the Friis Team Race, held at Roger Williams University. Last weekend’s premier team race event in New England featured the NEISA elite. Despite the depth of talent, two teams were able to pull in front late in the regatta. Both Yale and #1 Roger Williams University separated themselves from the field but drama was not lost as rights to the regatta crown came down to the final race. Yale, for the second straight week, went undefeated in the top-6, final round robin and this time, the elite sailing late stole the regatta from the home team. Yale finished with 12 wins and 2 losses, while Roger Williams finished with 11 wins and 3 losses.


***Anderson and Anderson are the NEISA Sailors of the Week***

***Reineke and McGrath are the NEISA Women’s Sailors of the Week***

Last weekend #1 Roger Williams University won the Graham Hall Team Race, hosted by the United State Naval Academy. Once deemed the spring season opener, due to its placement on the college sailing schedule, the Graham Hall remains as the first big-time team race of the season. Today, it serves as a double point-earning regatta for the newly formed Mid Atlantic Team Race League as well as the first opportunity for the best of MAISA, the South Atlantic and New England to get together on the same body of water. Moreover, the Naval Academy runs some of the best regattas on the circuit.


#4 College of Charleston won the Navy Spring Women’s regatta. Sailed at the venue of some of the premier regattas on the College Sailing circuit, this was the first inter conference hosted by the United States Naval Academy. Conditions were uncharacteristic of the Severn River and the top women in the nation had to be on their toes throughout the weekend.


***Agerup and De Havenon are the NEISA Women’s Sailors of the Week***

***Harding and McBrien are the NEISA Sailors of the Week***

College Sailing’s team race season is heating up amid winter weather conditions up the east coast. The two teams expected to be the New England frontrunners, Roger Williams and Yale, made the trek to the South Atlantic Conference to escape winter weather. Over the past couple years, the Bob Bavier Team Race has been unofficially denoted the first major Team Race Interconference Regatta of the spring season for this very reason. The addition of Yale and Roger Williams to the SAISA elite made for a very competitive top end of the regatta.


The Intercollegiate Sailing Season does not have a “season opener,” and though, technically, this is the 4th week in which scores have been posted to Techscore, the ICSA’s scoreboard, the majority of the teams will ease their way into the spring season trying different combinations and experimenting with their team race lineup while maintaining continuity on the fleet race front, especially in the women’s game.